This is version 2.0 of the terms for use of EasyMe applicable from April 24. 2018. EasyMe may change the terms with 1 month’s notice provided that all users are notified through the administrative pages at https://secure.easyme.biz/admin/ or by e-mail.

EasyMe is a web-based platform for handling clients and digital services for businesses of all sizes. The platform is self-serve, although EasyMe does provide online support to the extent that the business’ capacity allows it.

EasyMe ApS is the secondary name of Moski2.net ApS, CVR number 28712618, which has operated a software business since 2005.

Operation and resources

EasyMe is operated from a professional Danish hosting centre and is closely monitored 24 hours a day all year round. The primary servers are situated in Denmark with certain data stores situated in other EU countries, and we always have staff on duty to intervene in case of operating disturbances.

All subscribers can upload up to 1GB data in EasyMe. Accounts with the bought-in module “Online Courses” can upload up to 50GB data. A back up of all data in EasyMe is made every day.


When your trial period ends, you need to choose a subscription type from the list at https://easyme.dk/pricing and provide a payment card from which an amount will be deducted every 30 days, which amount is either based on use or a fixed price, depending on the type of subscription. If no subscription is actively chosen, "Pay-as-you-go" is chosen as the default.

Subscriptions and the terms thereof can always be changed with 30 days’ notice. A subscription may be cancelled online at EasyMe.

Terms of payment

All prices are subject to Danish VAT.

You, as the customer, must enter an active credit card no later than at the end of the free trial period 14 days after set-up of your account. If a card is rejected, when EasyMe tries to draw on the card for the monthly subscription, EasyMe will send a reminder to the customer. If no information about an active card has been received within 14 days, the access to the system will be closed, so that the customer is only able to enter a valid payment card, but nothing else. If no valid payment card has been entered within 3 months, the account will be closed permanently and all data will be deleted. Similarly, accounts for which a paid subscription is not made after the end of the trial period will be deleted after 3 months of inactivity.

Intellectual property rights

EasyMe holds and maintains all intellectual property rights to the platform and the underlying source code. Thus, the users only obtain a right of use for as long as they pay for a subscription.

Similarly, the users maintain any intellectual property right to the data and information that the users upload to EasyMe’s platform.

Responsibility and limitation of liability

The customer has sole responsibility for any use of EasyMe’s platform, including access to and handling of data. The customer has sole responsibility for the rights to the data stored in the platform, including the amendment, deletion, etc. thereof.

EasyMe is not liable for any loss or damage due to disconnections or interruptions in EasyMe’s electronic equipment.

Any liability on the part of EasyMe shall never include operating losses, loss of earnings or other indirect losses.


The parties and their staff, subcontractors and advisers are subject to a duty of strict confidentiality with regard to all information about the other party’s business secrets, business concepts, business connections and other confidential matters that come to their attention in connection with the set-up, operation and performance of this agreement.

The duty of confidentiality does not cover (i) disclosure with written authorisation from the protected party, (ii) disclosure required by a public authority under current legislation, and (iii) disclosure to the party’s own adviser or to a mediator, court of arbitration, court of law or the like.

General terms

The owner of an account at the EasyMe platform is responsible for having a legal right of disposal to the content uploaded to EasyMe.

Content of a racist, pornographic or personally offensive nature must not be published via the EasyMe platform. Religious material must only be published with the prior approval of EasyMe.

Accounts that do not adhere to these general terms will be closed immediately and the current period will be invoiced without the possibility of refunds.

Choice of law and jurisdiction

If relevant, any dispute shall be settled in accordance with Danish law before the city court of Frederiksberg.

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